Cantilever Stairs & Floating Stairs

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Do you often flip through interior design catalogs or home décor magazines and marvel at how stunning the houses look in them? You find yourself amazed by the selection of upholstery, furniture, lighting and mesmerizing staircases. However, to achieve that look in your dream home is easier than you think. Read on to know more about modern-day staircases that will turn your house into a catalog-ready home.

What are Cantilever Stairs?

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These style of contemporary stairs include pre-made treads of either wood, concrete, acrylic or metal installed on a wall and are often supported by railings. They seem suspended and often give the illusion of walking on air. Additionally, their minimalistic design can add oomph to any space either indoors or outdoors.

Advantages of Cantilever Stairs

Apart from giving a modern touch to your house, cantilever stairs have a number of advantages over traditional staircases. These include:

    • Affordability:

Cantilever stairs are the preferred choice for most homeowners as they are cost-effective in terms of material, installation and upkeep.

    • Many options to choose from:

They can be constructed in a number of materials of your choice including glass, timber, metal or concrete to match your home aesthetics.

    • Easy installation:

Unlike traditional staircases, cantilever stairs can be installed simultaneously while other construction or remodeling work is being done.

    • Sleek look and feel:

Cantilever stairs are beautiful to look at and can also be installed outdoors to transform your pool area into an outdoor retreat or give it a spa-like feel.

What are Floating Stairs?

Similar to cantilever stairs, floating stairs is another modern approach to home building and remodeling. Besides, they also have levitating treads in various materials to provide maximum bang for your buck with minimum effort and maintenance. Their suspended design provides you the benefit of added space that can be used in a number of ways including storage, more space for furniture or even creating a recreational space for your children.

Floating Stairs Design Ideas

Floating stairs offer you the choice of mixing and matching with different railing options including glass railings, frameless railings, stainless steel railings and wooden railings to name a few. Glass railings uplift the appeal of the floating stairs and you can view some stunning combinations of glass railing and frameless glass railing 

What do I need to do to get that cover page worthy home?

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