Ultimate Guide to Wrought Iron Railing Costs

Wrought iron is a type of iron that is fibrous, soft, and pliable. Formed from pure iron globules, it is used as a decorative feature that adds beauty to internal and exterior stairs. It can be used on staircase railings, porch railings or balcony railings and can be fashioned for just about any application. Wrought …

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Why You Should Install Glass Railings?

custom build staircase with frameless-glass-railings

Installing glass railings can add an air of sophistication and elegance to a traditional space that needs a touch of modernity. It is an excellent solution for internal or external renovation that can add value to your residential or commercial property. When it comes to exterior glass railing, many home and property owners opt for …

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Choosing Handrails for Your Stairs

handrails for stairs

Deciding on handrails for your staircase can be tricky because they come in a variety of materials, designs, and styles. These criteria depend on the place in which they will be installed (industrial or residential), the desired vibe of the railing and what it should add to the room’s aesthetic, and its overall purpose. Efficiency, …

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Modern Stainless Steel Stairs & Iron Stairs

stainless steel indoor railings

Your home reflects your personality and whether you are building or remodeling your house, it should signify your style and taste. One of the most common features in a house are stairs which whether you, believe it or not, can make or break the look of your home. Although classic wooden staircases have their own …

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Cantilever Stairs & Floating Stairs

floating stairs painting

Do you often flip through interior design catalogs or home décor magazines and marvel at how stunning the houses look in them? You find yourself amazed by the selection of upholstery, furniture, lighting and mesmerizing staircases. However, to achieve that look in your dream home is easier than you think. Read on to know more …

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