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We install glass shower enclosures in properties in Toronto, the GTA, and the surrounding areas. Providing custom shower doors, you are sure to find the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom. We also use our industry experience to help you select the right shower glass door for you according to your bathroom’s overall design.

Railings Toronto is committed to your satisfaction because we care about your property just as much as you do. When you arrive at our showroom, we walk you through our wide range of shower enclosures. Moreover, we offer our expert recommendations on what suits your needs.

Materials from Canada’s #1 Suppliers

We want you to have an amazing experience with us. Therefore, we work with Canada’s best glass and material suppliers for our glass shower doors. Trust that it’s high-quality manufacturing that will last you a lifetime.

The next step is simple. We custom cut the glass to fit your shower like a glove. We then seal the edges to finalize the shower glass installation. With great attention to detail, your shower enclosure will be an outstanding piece in your bathroom. You will absolutely love our work!

Our Glass Shower Enclosures Recommendation

Our team is skilled at shower glass door installation. Before we begin the job, we will measure your shower and bath area to make sure the doors chosen are the right size. Ill-fitting glass doors not only look bad, but they can cause water leakage and other issues in your bathroom.

1.Great for a Bathroom Upgrade2.Better Water Sealant 3.Comes in a Variety of Designs4.Pocket-Friendly Installation Costs
Glass shower doors are a wonderful bathroom renovation upgrade. A simple glass enclosure installation will make a big difference to your bathroom’s design. And the great thing about hiring us is that we give you our advice on design ideas that match your bathroom floors, walls, and colour scheme.
Quality shower glass doors provide a better sealant, so there is minimal water leakage in your bathroom. Water leakage can damage floors, walls, and other surfaces. Shower glass doors stop water from escaping your shower area. As a result, you eliminate risks of bathroom damage as well as personal injury from slips and falls.
We want our customers to have several shower doors to choose from. For that reason, we provide custom glass shower enclosures in different colours, designs, and finishes.

  • Framed Shower Glass Doors Many homeowners choose framed glass doors because they are sturdier and provide a more waterproof seal than curtains. Our shower door frames come in different colours and can be combined with decorative or clear glass to beautifully enclose a shower tub area.
  • Frameless Shower Glass Doors Frameless glass doors are more contemporary looking. They complement modern bathrooms perfectly. Frameless shower glass doors also give the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.
  • Plain vs. Decorative Glass Bathtub glass enclosures come in plain or decorative glass styles. The type of glass you choose is based on personal taste, your bathroom’s aesthetic, and your budget. Clear glass will make the room look more spacious. Decorative doors give the room a more artistic, stylish look, making it more high-end than plain glass doors.

Shower glass door prices vary greatly. Many features that will affect the price include:

  • Size of doors
  • Brand make and model
  • Clear vs decorative glass
  • Frame vs frameless glass doors
  • Shower glass enclosure parts
Glass Shower

How Much Does a Glass Shower Enclosure Cost?

Determining how much a glass shower enclosure costs varies from one bathroom to another. Our installation fees start at $800. You can be sure that our prices are fair, competitive, and true to the quality of work we offer.

Glass Shower Enclosure Installation from A to Z

Shower glass door enclosures come with other parts and fixtures, adding to the design and safety of your doors. Some of the additional features include:

  • Silent gliders
  • Smooth glide rollers
  • Header locks
  • Anti-jump panels
  • Towel bar
  • Reversible header

The team at Railings Toronto has the knowledge and skill to install each shower enclosure part. Therefore, expect your shower glass enclosure to remain in excellent condition for a long time. You don’t have to worry about maintenance nor repair for a while!

Glass Shower Enclosures

How Long Does It Take to Install a Shower Glass Enclosure?

How long it takes to install a shower door varies from one project to another. You can expect your shower enclosure to be fully installed and ready to use in about 2 weeks. We take long enough to install the door to perfection yet we finish the job fast enough to not cause you disturbance.

Our Glass Shower Enclosures Warranty

We make to build ongoing relationships with customers. Therefore, our glass shower enclosure installation comes with a ONE-YEAR warranty that covers shower parts and labour. You can count on us to assist you with any shower door problems you might face.

What Makes Our Service Superior

Sure, the quality of work and materials we provide are top-of-the-line. But that’s not what truly makes us different. What sets us apart from competitors is our customer service, our friendly demeanour, and our organized workflows. We believe that caring about our clients is what really helps us establish a good reputation and an excellent rapport with our customers.

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Shower glass door installation has many benefits. Glass shower enclosures improve the look of your bathroom and increase the value of your home. Properly fitted shower glass doors can turn an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary sanctuary. Give your bathroom the touch of elegance you deserve. Send us a request for a free quote today!

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