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Traditional wooden and aluminum railings are nowadays more often replaced by iron railings due to their obvious advantages, like strength and durability. Railings Toronto is able to provide a custom made iron railing for projects of any size – from private houses and small business to hotels and restaurants.

Wrought Iron Railings vs Aluminum Railings


The most common question we get is: “which type of railing do I choose?” With so many options on the market, we understand your struggle. Two of the most popular materials for railing creation are wrought iron and aluminum.

Wrought iron represents strength and durability, in addition to having a variety of modern styles and shapes. These types of railings are perfect for residential and commercial properties, as well as for indoor and outdoor installation.


The initial price for aluminum railings is usually cheaper than for wrought iron. Nevertheless, if an aluminum railing starts to corrode they are almost impossible to repair, and most of the times you will have to replace the entire system. Wrought iron railings are more pricey because you are paying for a better quality material. If paint starts to wear off it can be simply re-painted. As the old proverb says: “Buy nice or buy twice.”

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Aluminum railings are massed produced in an ordinary design. On the contrary, wrought iron railings are a beautiful adornment to any building’s facade. They might be a boundary for your space, but there are no boundaries when it comes to variety of style.


Wrought iron railings are a welded construction, as opposed to aluminum railing systems that are assembled from different parts. This make them much more durable to temperature fluctuation and weather conditions. Additionally, to make sure that outdoor iron railings will not rust quickly, we galvanize them before priming and painting. In other words, due to the iron railing production method, they will serve you reliably for much longer than their counterparts.

Why Railings Toronto?

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Working with iron requires a special set of skills, and a tremendous amount of attention to details as shaping raw iron into a custom design can be challenging. Every design should be error-free and match your vision and expectations. Our workers have many years of experience in welding, offering you quality work that will exceed your highest hopes. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

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